Wellness Resources

Wellness is usually thought of as keeping your body well. However, from a holistic point of view, wellness is an evolving process where we are aware of and self-directed about our journey to achieving our full potential.

Why is this important? Well, when we maintain wellness within the body, mind and spirit we are able to have a much higher quality of life. You see, everything we do and every emotion that we have has a very direct connection to our well-being or wellness.   When the optimal level of wellness is maintained we are much more able to subdue stress, lower the risk of dis-ease (illness) and as a result much more positive connections and interactions are a direct result.

When we look at our life there are eight categories of wellness to be considered. They are Emotion, Environmental, Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual and Work-Related.

Emotional Wellness is defined by the extent to which you feel emotionally secure and relaxed in your everyday life. When you have emotional wellness you have a relaxed body, an open mind and an open heart. This means that you do not react to life events with anxiety or panic but rather you are generally calm and patient with both yourself and others.

Perhaps Environmental Wellness wouldn’t even enter your mind when pondering wellness. However, our environment and how we feel about it can have an enormous impact on the way we feel. Environmental wellness incorporates not only our relationship with nature and our planet but it also takes into consideration the relationship we have with our belongings, homes, cars and where we work. When our personal surroundings are well cared for we can have a greater sense of comfort with a lot less anxiety. Taking care of our environmental wellness helps to remind us that we love ourselves.

Financial Wellness comes from successfully managing our finances. Because our society is money based when it comes to the exchange of goods and services, it is critical that we are good stewards of our money. When we do not have enough money our health is impacted and well as how we perform in our everyday life. Financial “illness” is very definitely a source of anxiety, stress and even fear for those that suffer from it.

Intellectual Wellness is when you have an open mind so that when you are engaged mentally with another, challenged with new thoughts and concepts, rising to work place challenges and how to solve them, even engrossed in a hobby, you are open to new . One can find mental stimulation and growth in academics, cultural endeavors and community interactions. When we stop learning new things we begin loose our mental and intellectual agility.

Occupational Wellness is all about whether we enjoy what we do in the work place. Do we feel that we are contributing to our work place in a positive way? Are we surrounded by positive people at work? Are the contributions you make acknowledged by yourself and others? For us to have occupational wellness our work should give us personal satisfaction and enrich our lives in some way.

Physical Wellness is keeping our bodies healthy and seeking care for when it is necessary. Good physical health is aided when we get regular exercise, adequate sleep, and we have a healthy diet. It is important to seek help from a health practitioner when it is needed rather than putting it off and putting it off.

Spiritual Wellness allows us to develop values that give our life purpose and meaning. Spiritual wellness does not necessarily mean religion but can come in a myriad of ways unique to us as individuals. Spiritual wellness can come from meditation; the ability to have quiet and reflective time alone; the understanding of what is right and wrong; and to be able to practice forgiveness, compassion and gratitude just to name a few. When we talk about spirituality we are referring to that deepest more sacred part of ourselves.

In this section of our website we will offer information and resources for all of the wellness dimensions discussed above. We hope that this information will be of good use to you and enrich your life.

Our first suggestion is to learn all about full spectrum infrared saunas and what they can do for your physical and spiritual wellness.